HR Staffing

We provide the engineers equipped with the skill set that suits your requirement, and be part of your successful business. We help you to focus on the core business by leaving the staffing requirements to us

We offer staffing services in two models:


Serve IT Solutions works with the clientele by agreeing to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which allows clients to have a clear visibility across various stages and hence control of recruitment.

With our deep technical competency, we offer specialized recruitment services to the clients across technological spectrum. Having understanding about the technological skills for client's business requirements, we search for the candidates as an extended recruitment panel of the client, thereby helping the client in reducing the recruitment cost by 50%. Our final objective is to achieve the quality in staffing, wherein the client may need only the administration level evaluation. (Senior Management and HR). We do sign the NDA with the clients, to ensure the information security.

We differ from the regular staffing consultancy, by not pumping the set of resumes to the clientele. We follow a systematic process in identifying the right candidate as per the client requirements.

Our services will help in expediting the overall recruitment process and provided quality resources just-in-time

Fresh Talent Induction/Campus Hiring

Fresh, Young and Dynamic talent is very much required for the organizations to ensure the sustenance of the business and address the latest cutting edge technologies as per the change of times. The energy and enthusiasm of campus students coupled with right training make for the best possible combination of adaptability, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Righteous Technologies, provides the right training in various technologies for the fresh graduates and makes them ready-made-productive resources, and suits well for the on-the-go-business model. This way the organizations can reduce up to 75% of the cost of recruiting the fresh talent. The resources provided by us will be productive in at-least 3 months earlier than other regular fresh talent.

We also welcome the organizations to co-create the course-ware with the skill-set requirements for the fresh talent.

We focus more on the domain, organizational processes, along with the implementation technologies.