Software Development Services

Seligo Consultants provides the turn-key software development services by providing the following advantages.
- Competitive pricing
- Lower risk when partnered with Righteous
- Reduced costs for software development, customization, and Re-engineering
- End-to-End support for engineering services and customization projects.

Righteous provides the software development services under the following models:

Build-Operate-Own & Build-Operate-Transfer Models

BOO and BOT models help in reducing the cost of software development, maintenance, testing and release the artifacts.

In the Build-Operate-Own model, Seligo Consultants provides the infrastructure, employee recruitment, and retention. In this model, the team/infrastructure is dedicated to the customer, and continues to operate from the infrastructure owned by Righteous Technologies.

In the Build-Operate-Transfer model, the knowledge, assets including the resources will be transferred to the customer, when the customer develops his own development center in India

For the customers who wanted to establish the development centers in India, it would be beneficial to partner with Righteous in BOT model.

For the customer who wanted to operate from a competitive market like India/Hyderabad, it would be beneficial to partner with Righteous in BOO model.

Turnkey Software Product Development Services

Our deep understanding, rich hands-on experience on various technologies, Software Engineering, Telecom Network Management domain (EMS/NMS/OSS/BSS) helps us to provide valuable services with quality at a very low cost. Our extra-ordinary technological skill-set and simplicity in providing the solutions helps us in bringing down the cost of development, and maintenance further.

We are capable of providing all kind of Software development services, as per customer requirements.

Customization Services

Every framework/product need be customized to suit a particular solution based on a set of requirements. With the help of Righteous’s deep technical skill-set, Righteous provides the customization services.

Maintenance and Upgrade Services

Maintaining and upgrading the applications that are deployed in the customer environment is always critical to ensure the availability of the services un-interruptedly. Righteous provides the services to maintain and upgrade the product features.