Engineering Services

In today’s dynamic business environment, the organization requires to be innovative, profitable and agile.

At Righteous, we continuously innovate the software engineering process on the client offerings and optimize the entire life cycle. Our flexibility in engineering models helps customize the solutions or develop joint IP.

We bring agility to our complete life cycle of engineering services and thereby optimize the delivery of services and also help customer improve productivity up to 30%

Architecture and Designs Services

By having the rich experience in designing and architecture of various software applications, Righteous provides the services to design and architect the software solutions and ensures the accuracy of the solution by involving right from initiating the solution to closure of the solution. Righteous brings value addition to the customer by providing the below services:
- Captures the requirements and analyze them to include in the solution architecture
- Provides Enterprise Architecture for the captured requirements
- Evaluates the Architecture and makes a selection
- Establishes the performance benchmarking
- Provides Architecture to Re-Engineer the solutions

Systems Integration Services

In the current scenario of the software, every software application need be integrated with another application either using it’s north-bound interface or using it’s south-bound interface. In telecommunication network management applications, integration of OMS, ERP, EMS/NMS, OSS/BSS is very complex and requires significant effort.

By having integration and deployment of various applications in various customer locations, Righteous provides system integration services effectively.

Independent Validation and Testing Services

In order to provide high quality solution, validation and testing of the application plays important role in the software accuracy and complements the development of the software application. Validation and testing by a third party would provide an immense value addition by bringing in un-biasedness.

Righteous provides independent test environment, where it validates the software application, and certifies the quality accuracy. Righteous has the expertise to develop the simulators and use while evaluating the software application. With our unique approach of independent validation of software, helps the customer reduce the cost while maintaining the high quality.

Our approach:

- An in-depth review of the project related artifacts (charter, scope-statement, requirement specifications)
- Develop the test scenarios - Develop the simulators
- Prepare the test environment
- Perform the evaluation
- Certify the accuracy Righteous provides independent validation and testing services.

Quality and Process Auditing Services

Righteous helps in auditing the current engineering process; recommends the modifications to be implemented to be an effective engineering process.
Righteous evaluates the quality and recommends the improvements to be done in the engineering process.

Professional Project Management Services

Righteous provides the project management services in ensuring the project success. Provides the following services:
- Establishing the project charter, Evaluation, and Planning
- Estimating the efforts required
- Execution, Monitoring and Controlling
- Performing the Quality Assurance, Conducting the RCA
- Certifying the release - Performing the Closure